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Heights The frequency distribution indicates the heights of 45 male high school seniors.

Height(in.) Number of Males

64 2
65 6
66 7
67 9
68 10
69 6
70 3
71 0
72 2

a) Construct a histogram of the frequency distribution.
b) Construct a frequency polygon of the frequency distribution.

  • Math...LOST!! -

    Jen -- I don't understand. You've posted many questions of varying difficulty in the last few days. Are you racing through an online class without studying your text materials?

    This site will show you how to make a histogram.

  • Math...LOST!! -

    I have the materials, I just don't understand it at all!!!

  • Math...LOST!! -

    Once you have read about how to draw a frequency distribution histogram, this site will show you how to do the frequency polygon:
    (Broken Link Removed)

  • Math...LOST!! -

    how can i draw a histogram if i cannot access my microsoft word program??

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