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an athlete runs at a distance of 1500m in the following manner:1.starting from the rest he acceralate himself uniformly 2m/s*s till he covers a distance of 900m 2.he then runs the remaining distance of 600m at the uniform speed developed
Calculate the time taken by the athlet to cover the two parts of distance covered,also find the time when he is at the centre of the track

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    1500 m races are run on oval tracks, not straight line tracks. Runners do not move toward the "center of the track". Perhaps they want the time when the distance covered is 750 m.

    The speed reached during the first part would be

    V = sqrt(2aX) = 60 m/s
    It would take him V/a = 30 s to reach that speed.

    The last 600 m would be run in 600/60 = 10 s.

    No one can run that fast. A champion distance runner will reach a peak speed of about 8 m/s.

    This is a very unrealistic problem.

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