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A rectangular poster has an area of 190in(squared). The height of the poster is 1in. less than twice its width. Find the dimensions of the poster.

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    A = Area= 190 in^2

    H = Hight

    W = Width

    H = 2W-1

    A = W*H

    A = W*(2W-1)

    190 = 2W*W-1*W

    190 = 2W^2-W

    2W^2-W-190 = 0

    The exact solutions of this equation are:



    W= -19/2

    Width can't be negative so:

    W = 10 in

    H = 2*W-1

    H = 2*10-1

    H = 20-1

    H = 19 in

    W = 10 in

    H = 19 in

    A = W*H

    A = 10*19

    A = 190 in^2

    If you don't know solve quadratic equation, in google type:

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    When you see list of results click on:

    Free Online Quadratic Equation Solver:Solve By Quadratic Formula

    When page be open in rectangle type:


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    You will see solution step-by-step

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