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a Function f is defined as f(x)=3*2^x
a)is f increasing or decreasing?
b)write equation for the horizontal asymptote
c)describe the end behavior of

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    b)y=0 (limf(x)=0 if x--> -inf)

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    please explain your b and a.

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    a)If f'(x)>0 then f(x) is increasing
    b)x | f(x)
    0 | 3
    -1 | 3/2
    -2 | 3/4
    -3 | 3/8
    -10 | 3/1,024
    -20 | 3/1,048,576
    -30 | 3/1,073,741,824
    -33 | 3/8,589,934,592

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