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Weinberger and Spotts compare the use of humor in television ads in the United States and the United Kingdom. Suppose that independent random samples of television ads are taken in the two countries. A random of 400 television ads in the United Kingdom reveals that 142 use humor, while a random sample of 500 television ads in the United States reveals that 122 use humor.
a.Set up the null and the alternative hypotheses needed to determine whether the proportion of ads using humor in the United Kingdom differs from the proportion of ads using in the United States.

b.Test the hypotheses you set up in part (a) by using the test statistic approach and by using 0.01 level of significance.

c.Set up the hypotheses needed to attempt to establish that the difference between the proportions of U.K and U.S ads using humor is more than 0.05. Test the hypotheses by using the P- value approach and by setting á equal to.10,.o5,.01,.001. how much evidence id there that the difference between the proportions exceeds.05?

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