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The star nearest to our solar system is said to be 3.8 ly away. How many km. away is this if a spaceship can travel at the speed 100 times that sound , how long armed it take that spaceship to travel from the earth to the nearest star. Express your answer in meaningful term.

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    Shouldn't there be a question mark after the word "this"?

    <<The star nearest to our solar system is said to be 3.8 ly away. How many km away is this? >>

    Multiply ten years (converted to seconds) by the speed of light, 3.00*10^5 km/s. That will be the distance in km

    For the time required, divide the distance by 100*0.340 km/s = 34 km/s

    Actually, spacecraft can go faster than than mach 100. It doesn't make sense to refer to the speed of sound in space

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