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will the following solutions be acidic, neutral, or basic? Write the net ionic equation for any reaction that takes place.
NH4Cl, KHCO3, LiClO4, NH4NO3, H2CO3, LiClO2, Ba(NO3)2

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    Strong acid = SA
    Strong base = SB
    Weak acid = WA
    Weak base = WB

    Salts of SA and SB are neutral.
    Salts of SA and WB are acidic.
    Salts of SB and WA are basic.
    Salts of WA and WB may be acidic, basic, or neutral depending upon the values of Ka and Kb. The equation for the last one is H^+ = sqrt (KwKa/Kb).

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    so for example NH4Cl would be acidic?

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