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Here are my attempts. Let me know if they are correct please> :) Thanks

Question (Find quotient): 9a^2-25b^2/3a-5b
My answer: 3a+5b

Find Quotient: y^4+3y-5/y^2+7
My answer:

Find Quotient:
This one i am confused on the ^the power signs..

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    The first one is correct since it factored nicely

    I have no idea how you got the second answer.
    It does not factor so you will have to do a long algebraic division.
    I got
    = y^2 - 7 + (3y+45)/(y^2+7)

    same thing for the last one, you need to do a long division ...
    I got
    3x^2 - 9x + 16 - 46/(2x+3)

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    Thank you very much. The first one is nice how it factors together. I get so lost with ones I cant factor nicely. :) Thanks you!

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