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Chemistry 2

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An aqueous solution of CuSO4 has a density of 1.3g/ml and is 1.16 molal. Calculate the Molarity of this solution.

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    Take a kg of the solution so it will contain 1.16 mole CuSO4.
    That is moles x molar mass = 1.16 moles x 159 g/mol (approximately--you need to go through and redo this more accurately since I've estimated) = about 185 g.
    The solution now has a mass of 1,000 g solvent + about 185 g CuSO4 = total of about 1185.
    Using the density, convert that to mL, then to L, then M = moles/L soln. I get something like 1.3M but that isn't exact. Post your answer (or work) if you want me to check your work.

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