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The English, French and Spanish all wanted to claim the New World for their county. The English’s intentions were for a colony of genuine settlers who were wanting to live peacefully with the natives. Their intentions were also to plunder and profit. When the English invaided the New World they brought with them mortal epidemic disease that devastated native communities. There was often violence included in the invasion.
The intentions of the Spanish were to find slaves, food, and gold. Like the English, the Spanish brought with them disease. Silver that the Spanish found in mines and operated by Indian labor were made into coins which doubled, then years later tripled the number of coins in circulation. This lead to runaway inflation. There was high profits but the standard of living for most people was lowered.
The French, on the other, were more interested in commerce than they were in conquest. The textiles, glass, copper, and ironwares were appreciated by the Indian people for there usefulness. The fur trade continued to be an important part of the Atlantic economy. However the fur trade introduced epidemic disease to the natives. There was also violent warfare that broke out between tribes over hunting grounds.

Faragher, J.M., Czitrom, D., & Armitage, S.H. (2009). Out of he many: a history of the American people,Volume I (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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    It's a good start.

    You'll need to add more details and proofread it before you turn it in.

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    thank you at least i am on the right track

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