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Can someone help me with this assignment?

Complete the following for identifying an ethical issue:
• Identify an potential ethical dilemma from a real company. The company could be a current company for which you work, a company in which you used to work, a friend’s company, or so on. The ethical issue or problem selected must affect the company, potentially affect the company, or involve the company.
• Explain the issues involved, including:
o Identify the stakeholders.
o Identify the concerns of the stakeholders.
For example, a company may chose to videotape the office and read employee e-mails. The conflict here may be that employees feel these practices are a violation of privacy and feel they have a right to a certain level of the privacy. However, stakeholders defend these practices because their concerns are whether the employees are getting their work done.
• Explain why you chose this particular issue and why the issue is important.
• Examine the current relevance of the issue. Is the issue currently in the media spotlight? Are there any recent incidents or reasons why this issue has come to the public’s attention.

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