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Question about American party organizations:

A. are about to die out
B. Are more powerful today than any time in history
C. are still, important but their role in campaigns is secondary to that of candidates
D. are unimportant in the political system today

Is this answer correct?

C.American organizations are still important, but their role in campaigns is secondary to that of canidates.

I am torn between the answer being A. and C. because when I read the chapter they both seem like the answer.
I am having trouble understanding the question in my college book. Thank you

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    I don't think either of your answers is correct.

    Think about the virtual stagnation of Congress because of partisan conflicts. Think about the strong influence of the Tea Party.

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    The answer is C. I just finished this course.

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    Proportional representation systems like those in Western Europe encourage the formation of smaller parties by enabling parties to:
    A. win legislative seats even though they do not receive a majority of votes in elections.
    B. receive campaign funds from government in proportion to their support in opinion polls.
    C. win legislative seats by lottery for parties that have no chance of winning majority support.
    D. share in patronage appointments which serve as an incentive to lure campaign workers.

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