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Iron forms two chlorides.One gram of the first chloride produces 2.26g of silver chloride and one gram of the second chloride produces 2.65g of silver chloride.Prove that these data illustrate the law of multiple proportions

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    Convert 2.26 g AgCl to g Ag.
    2.26 x (35.45/143.32) = 0.5590

    Convert 2.65 g AgCl to g Ag.
    2.65 x (35.45/143.32) = 0.6555

    So we have 1 g Fe combining with Cl to give 0.5590g Ag in one case and 0.6550 g Ag in the other. What is the ratio of these two?
    0.5590/0.5590 = 1.0000
    0.6550/0.5590 = 1.1717
    1:1.1717 is the ratio of 6.00 to 7.03 and if we round the 7.03 to 7.0 we hvae 6:7 which is the ratio of small whole numbers.

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