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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in the future? According to events taking place now in the world, our future will change drastically. In 50 years, our society, environment, and schools will be greatly affected.

Our society will change in 50 years. The United States will be overpopulated because teenage pregnancy is on the rise. Also, drug and alcohol use will increase due to all the problems facing the world today, such as lack of jobs, closure of companies, and the economy. Secondly, our environment will be affected. Global warming will be a major problem facing our environment. Global warming will be the blame for severe droughts, hurricanes, and floods. Lastly, schools will be affected because of how our society and environment have changed. Due to the increase of drug and alcohol use, more students will not graduate from high school; in turn students will not have the knowledge to help improve some of the problems facing us.

As a result of overpopulation, alcohol and drug use, global warming, and high school dropouts, this is how the society, environment, and schools will change in 50 years. Most importantly, our future will depend on events that are taking place now. What will your choices be?

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    Teenage pregnancy is not on the rise.

    I disagree with your pessimistic views. People are steadily getting more higher education.

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    what else is on the rise then?

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