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1. (TCO 9, 2, 3, 7) You have worked for an electronics company for the past three years. You have been assigned the responsibility to create a workbook presenting profits and losses at the company's end of year meeting. It is critical for the workbook to include a documentation sheet along with sheets indicating profits and losses from four locations (i.e., Chicago, Dallas, Sacramento, and Tampa Bay). Given this information discuss your approach to address each question below. 

A - The final analysis includes profit and losses, What If analysis, and Scenarios. What types of recommendations could you provide in the documentation sheet based on this information?  Also, what approach could you use to summarize all four locations in one sheet?
B - You will need to customize the spreadsheet so organization is critical. What approach would you use to ensure the workbook is setup correctly for your presentation?
C - There are many ways to depict the yearly trends for each location. Please explain at least two types of charts you could use to present yearly profits and losses?
D - You have to rely on a few employees within the organization to complete your workbook. To do this the workbook has to be sent electronically to each employee. How would you protect the integrity of the formulas and structure if the workbook is sent to several employees to enter data? Also, what approach would you use to track the revisions sent by each employee.
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