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Law and Ethics

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Hi I have a question about law, like for civics and stuff...

My neighbors foreclosed their house and completely destroyed their credit but saved a ton of money. I have recently got written permission from my neighbors to take some of their possessions inside that they left behind. I was just wondering about the laws behind this. They left several items which they were the rightful owners of such as a fridge and a microwave and I have received written permission to take these items that they rightfully owned. Now my question is sense they don't own the house no more but they were the rightful owners of the possessions that they left behind which I have written permission to take, can I take these items? If I can get into the house without damaging the property in any way shape or form, they did leave a way to get in without breaking a window or damaging the property in any way shape or form, would this be stealing or illegal??? Like what are the laws behind this??? Note that I do live in the United States. Like if I can get in without breaking and entering would this all be illegal even though I wouldn't be breaking and entering?

I'm just asking because my ex neighbors aren't that educated with the law, and neither am I to this degree, but they still gave me written permission to take what they left behind just recently, i guess they assumed it was perfectly fine, I also feel as if it would be perfectly fine with written permission to take property from the rightful owners of the property, i.e. the fridge and the microwave that they left, which they did own fully, as long as I don't break and enter the property and get in the way my neighbor suggested without damaging the property in any way shape or form, it would be perfectly fine... but I'm not greatly educated in law to this degree... thanks for any advice and information about the laws behind this...

believe me if doing such a thing is illegal I'm not going to risk it because I have a future and plan to do great things, I just don't see why it would be illegal with permission from the rightful owners and without breaking and entering property because my neighbors left a way into their house because they didn't lock something, my neighbors said it was perfectly fine, but there not greatly educated in law and neither am i to this degree...

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