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As a baseball is being caught, its speed goes from 30 to 0 m/s in about 0.005 its mass is 0.145.
A) What is the baseballs acceleration in m/s^2 and in g's?
B) What is the size of force acting on it?

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    Is the 0.005 number supposed to be seconds? What about the mass,
    In physics, numbers without units are useless. You MUST learn that.

    A) acceleration = a = (speed change)/(time) = 6000 m/s^2
    Divide that by 9.8 m/s^2 for the number of g's

    B) Use F = m*a
    m = 0.145 kg, I assume

    The force will be in newtons.

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    Yes it is .005 s. And you assume right it is 0.145 kg. I am sorry of not putting in the units. I am really struggling with Physics.

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    i still love you ralph

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