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calculate the mass of phosphorus required to make 200g of phosphine ,PH3 by the reaction:
P4(S) +3NaOH(aq) +3H2O(I) ¨3NaH2PO4(aq) +PH3(g)

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    I think you mean 4P not P4
    4P(S) +3NaOH(aq) +3H2O(I) ¨3NaH2PO4(aq) +PH3(g)

    You need 4 P atoms on the left for every PH3 molecule on the right

    atomic mass of P = 31
    molecular mass of PH3 = 31+3 = 34
    so every gram of PH3 has (31/34) grams of P
    but we need 4 times that much to provide the other three in 3NaH2PO4
    so for every gram of PH3 we need 124/34 grams of P
    200 (124/34) = 729 grams of P

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