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the difference of two numbers is 5. their product is 176. what are the numbers ? i've been trying to figure this out for a while and can't come out with the right answer.

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    Start with the square root of 176. Go from there.

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    thanx ms.sue it really help me solve the answer

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    You're welcome, Jaclyn.

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    Eq1: X - Y = 5.

    Eq2: XY = 176.

    Solve for Y in Eq2:
    Y = 176/X,
    In Eq1, substitute 176/X for Y:
    X - 176/X = 5,
    Multiply both sides by X:
    X^2 - 176 = 5X,
    X^2 - 5X - 176 = 0,
    Solve using the Quadratic Formula and
    X = 16, and -11.
    In Eq1, substitute 16 for X:
    16 - Y = 5,
    Y = 11.

    In Eq1, substitute -11 for X:
    -11 - Y = 5,
    Y = -16.

    Solution set: (X,Y)=(16,11),(-11,-16).
    So 2 sets of numbers satisfy the required conditions.

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