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An unidentified compound (A) was reacted with bleach using the same experimental
protocol as that performed in the lab. Molecule B was formed. Answering the
questions below should allow you to interpret the following information in order to
determine the structures of A and B.
• The complete combustion of 2.0000 g of B yield 5.1085 g CO2 and 2.0917 g H2O.
• B does not have a titratable proton.
Question #1: Use the combustion data to determine the empirical formula of B. Show
all necessary calculations.

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    You haven't provided enough information to answer your question. Apparently this is PART of a question and you've typed in bits and pieces. For example, if you determine %C = 69.66%, %H = 11.62%, and that doesn't total 100%. Perhaps O makes up the difference.

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