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Following question I need help with part b) Please verify my answer for part a) too if possible.

Consider the following reaction for silver tarnishing:
3Ag2S(s) + 2Al(s) -> 6Ag(s) + Al2S3(s)

a. State the oxidation number for each element in the reaction.

3Ag2S(s) + 2Al(s) -> 6Ag(s) + Al2S3(s)
(+1)+(-2)+(+3) -> (+1)+(+3)+(-2)
verify these please

b. Identify the oxidized reactant and the reduced reactant.

Please help me with b) above....

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    All of the oxidation numbers are right except for Al(s). All elements in the free state have an oxidation number of zero. (Note: I don't consider the reaction written as the reason silver tarnishes. Rather it is a way of removing the sulfide from silver that is tarnished.
    For the part b, oxidation is the loss of electrons. Reduction is the gain of electrons. Which element/ion loses and which gains electrons.

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    Yes that's right, free states have oxidation number of zero. Ok will work out reduction and oxidation, made it a bit clearer. Thanks for your help, very valuable :)

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