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Make a poster to advertise the cause of one of ...

-The Confederationists
-The Anti-Confederationists
-The Annexationists

Try to think of slogan to put on your poster.
I chose to be an Annexationist.

The slogan I chose

Come Live in the U.S where life's fair!
(I wanted to do something rhymy, but couldn't come up with anything, so if you by chance come up with good slogan please tell.)

Then around that, I added

-Better Marketing here!
-Run a better business here!
-Good value of things!
-High quality Resources!

What negative things could I add about BC in here?

  • Annexation--United States -

    U.S.A. Live there.
    Where the life i fair.

    Unfortunately, there are negative things everywhere. Try some of the following links:


  • Annexation--United States -

    A slogan?

    Why wait? Become a state!

    You could also point out that the U.S. wasn't influenced by Britain, whereas Canada was part of the British Commonwealth.

  • Annexation--United States -

    Thanks so much:)

    I could also add--

    -Support Annexation
    -BC is nothing compared to the U.S

    Umm.. How do I put that as a phrase Ms. Sue?

    U.S. wasn't influenced by Britain, whereas Canada was part of the British Commonwealth.

    And how do I put this as a phrase too?

    Immigration to BC would flow from the United States rather than from Canada.

  • Annexation--United States -

    -Bring on the Manifest Destiny
    (is this good?)

    what else could I possibly add?

  • Annexation--United States -

    Take the British out of B.C.!

    Unite with the United States.

    We welcome our southern, not our eastern neighbors.

  • Annexation--United States -

    I like your "Bring on the Manifest Destiny."

  • Annexation--United States -

    Thank you Ms. Sue. May I know something? The annexionists were against confederation right, and did they Hate the B.C?

  • Annexation--United States -

    I doubt if they hated B.C. But they believed that this are would prosper more and people would be happier with the U.S. government and culture.

  • Annexation--United States -

    Oh.. Thank you:)

    Is this another good point?

    -British Columbia will bring you down financially! Come join the U.S where you can operate and make way towards success. (does anything have to go beside operate?)

  • Annexation--United States -

    That's fine.

    You're welcome.

  • Annexation--United States -

    and these one?

    -We are more established!
    -Live here spaciously!

  • Annexation--United States -

    I suppose some hated B.C. because of how the government brutally put down the Metis rebellion.

  • Annexation--United States -

    Oh..Ohhhh Ms. Sue thanks a lot for the Metis information, but how do I put that as phrase....???

    -B.C is Cruel, look at what they did to the poor Metis!

  • Annexation--United States -

    I'm confused about these:

    "-We are more established!
    -Live here spaciously!"

    I thought you wanted this region to join with the United States. Nobody would move, but this area would be part of the U.S.

  • Annexation--United States -

    Which Region the B.C?

    Oh I was describing the united states...

    Oh sorry I'll take those 2 phrases out. I just can't think of what else to put...

    Establish yourselves here and be relaxed!

    -U.S is a spactious area, unlike B.C!
    (dont know abt this one)

    I have some vocab, but no connecting words..


    And Ms. Sue is the Metis phrase good or not?

  • Annexation--United States -

    I'd leave out the Metis phrase. You've already used the word "fair." Remember, the United States was also cruel to it's native peoples.

    Take advantage of our golden opportunity. Connect with the United States!

  • Annexation--United States -

    Thanks very much Ms. Sue for the help you've given me =)

  • Annexation--United States -

    You're very welcome, Emma.

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