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I need help with these two problems. I need to have all of the steps shown for full credit and I get lost along the way.

6x - 2y = 10
4x + 3y = 12
solve the system by elimination.

solve inequality
-2(2x-6)-4x>or equal to 3x-10 + 9

It's at this point in our lessons I keep losing my previous knowledge. I think I need time to let the previous knowledge sink in before moving on. However, that isn't acceptable.
Thanks for your help.

  • Algebra -

    Multiply the top equation by 3 and the bottom equation by 2. Then add the two equations. This will elimination the y term.

    -2(2x-6)-4x ≥ 3x-10 + 9

    -4x+12-4x ≥ 3x-10 + 9

    Combine like terms. It works just like an equation, except that multiplying/dividing by a negative value reverses the carat (e.g., > ot <).

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