Battle of the Routes

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What was the battle of the routes?
how was it resolved?

The battle of the routes was a battle for where the railway routes should be located. Politicians from Vancouver island thought the railway should travel across the central interior, down the Homathco River to Bute Inlet, and then cross the strait of Georgia at its narrowest point to the island. Politicians from mainland favoured a route that would travel down the Fraser Canyon to Burrard Inlet. Surveyors starting developing their own ideal routes as well.

I cant find information on how this battle was resolved.

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    I'm sorry, but I couldn't find anything online about how this conflict was resolved.

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    This link might help you get started

    look at
    "Proposed Canadian Pacific Railway route"

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    So it was resolved as Marcus Smith the person in charge of the Surveying Department, promoted a route through the northern Pine Pass, and west along the Skeena River??

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    Please read the short paragraph recommended by your fellow Canadian, Reiny. That has your answer.

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    The Bute inlet route was proposed?

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    Yes, Emma. That's what you said in your first post in this thread:

    "Politicians from Vancouver island thought the railway should travel across the central interior, down the Homathco River to Bute Inlet,"

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    OH..... I can't believe I didn't notice that :O Thanks so much Reiny & Ms. Sue =D

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    The existing major railroad goes down the Fraser River.
    Remember back in those days building a railway track was a monumental task, so they would clearly look for a river which allowed them to build the roadbed along a rather level path.

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    Thanks Reiny =)

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    so who discovered the pass?

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