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ABCD is an isosceles trapezoid with a height of 4 inches and bases of 10 and 12 inches .What is the perimeter of this trapezoid in inches and feet . HINT:Only the bottom of the entire figure is 16 inches long, not the top

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    First, we draw the trapezoid with the long base on the bottom. Using dotted lines, we draw 2 altitudes forming 2
    congruent rt. triangles and a rectangle.

    AE=ED = (AD-BC) / 2 = (12-10)/2 = 1in =
    hor. sides of rt. triangles.

    AB = CD = sqrt(1^2+4^2) = sqrt17 =
    4.1in. = Length of non-parallel sides.

    P = 4.1 + 10 + 4.1 + 12 = 30.2in.

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