posted by James

How would I come about to the solution and what the answers to the question so I can help my son with his school work?

1.Check all the answers that are square roots of 36

a. 36^1/2
f. √36

2.)Which answers are equal to the expression 2 x √9


3.)Which answers are equal to the expression √9 / √36

a. 3/6
c.√1 / √4

5.)Which answers are equal to the expression √16 x √25

b.√16 x 25
c.(16 x 25)^1/2
f.√25 x √16

  1. Damon

    The sure way is to do them backwards and see how they come out.
    For example:

    -(36)^(1/2) * -(36)^1/2 = + 36^1 so yes

    -6 * -6 = +36 so yes

    9*9 = 81 so no

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