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Can someone please break down how to solve this equation. I am so confused.
(x - 2)/(x2 + 3x - 10) – x/(x + 5) = 4
Show how you get the answers {-3.8, 2}, yet only one of them is a true solution.

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    (x - 2)/(x^2 + 3x - 10) – x/(x + 5) = 4

    (x-2)/[(x+5)(x-2)] - x/(x+5) = 4

    1/(x+5) -x/(x+5) = 4

    1-x = 4x+20

    5 x = -19

    x = 3.8

    x = 2 does not satisfy the original equation and I do not know where you got it. If x = 2 then the denominator of the first term x^2+3x-10 = 0 so it is undefined.

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    Thanks a bunch. It makes sense. I was adding too many steps in and confusing myself.

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