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1. One of the addictive aspects of alcohol can be found in the difference between actual effects and perceived effects. Although alcohol is a depressant, many claim that it:

(a)causes intoxication.
(b)results is slurred speech.
(c)produces feelings of happiness.
(d)reduces muscle control.

I think this one is D

2. When Rohypnol is mixed with alcohol, it can:
(a)produce fearful hallucinations.
(b)result in ringing in the ears.
(c)increase alertness.
(d)reduce resistance to sexual assault.

I think this one is A

3. Both morphine and heroin are classified as:
(a)psychoactive drugs.

I think this one is B

4. Marijuana users often experience a "spaced out" feeling because:
(a)of the euphoric state produced by the drug.
(b)visual perception is impaired.
(c)of the resulting memory impairment.
(d)it relieves depression.

I think this one is C

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