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"A Separate Peace" assingments. I just got out of the hospital. I just saw that these assignments will be due in a couple of hours. PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!! I asked my teacher for a postponed date he said he can't because the payment for the school is paid in little payments and when the last payment is paid, the online school will give you the rest of the month or whatever time you have to finish and this is my time. I wasn't worried about it in the hospital because I thought it would be over with a long time ago but 2 months later and im still not done and this is all I have left. If I don't finish these by the time my online school shuts off, then I have to re do it all over again. So please can you please help me. I perfer you tell me instead of links because I really don't have time to read the book or confusing links so if its in a link can you please direct me or make sure its pretty obvious! Thank you!! Here are the questions: 1) Pretend that you are writing a play based on A Separate Peace. Write down the set design for the courtroom scene. Pay attention to the details provided in the text and then fill in the rest as you imagine it to be. Remember that your description should focus on both the physical facts of the setting and the mood you're trying to evoke in this scene.
2)I'm always curious about what comes next, even when a novel has ended. In this case, we have an idea about Gene, but no one else. In your journal, write a brief description of what happens to Brinker and Leper during the 15 years between the end of the novel and Gene's return to Devon. Stick with what you know from the novel, but definitely imagine any kind of future that fits with those facts.
You should write at least one paragraph about each character. Submit your complete journal to your instructor.

Again thank you so much if you help me!!

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    English honors in an online school? Were you in the hospital for 2 months? And your school won't honor your medical treatment and give you an extension?

    This doesn't ring true.

    If you were so sick for two months and couldn't do this assignment, then your best choice is to repeat this class.

    We are not going to do this assignment for you. We do not cheat students out of an education.

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    Bravo ... Ms. Sue is absolutely right.

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    I already completed it anyways. I just guessed. My online school is not called english honors... That was one of the subjects I had. I had math, geography, biology, and english honors along with P.E. Reason why I posted it here was because that is true. My parents made the last payment already so my time was about to expire, It's fine if you don't believe me because I know whats going on. I agree with you guys. I don't like the idea of cheating because people used to cheat off me ALL the time and they would get good grades and get away withit...until they were caught but that still doesn't change a thing.

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    Also, I thought of posting here because those other cources I mentioned, I already completed them. And because of my dumb schools "policy" or whatever you want to call it. I thought it wouldn't be fair for me to redo EVERY SINGLE THING just because these two assignments were undone.

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