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Ok, in Health class my TOPIC is Cocaine----- and i need someone to answer the following Chronic Effects: When someone uses this subatance over a long time what damaging effects can occur?

P.S. my topic is COCAINE NOT crack cocaine...

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    I need them in like bullet ponts

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    Robin -- or whatever name you're using today --

    Jiskha tutors HELP students, but we don't do all of the work.

    Read the few paragraphs linked above.

    Take notes and use your own bullet points!

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    Please look in the upper right hand corner for the box saying SEARCH. Enter "cocaine" (for example) there to find similar posts and the answers they received. Earlier today I posted answers to that question, not bullet points, but 1., 2., 3.


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    Ok yes I know but now I need the Chronic effects: When someone uses Cocaine over a long time what damaging effects can occur?

    The other one u answered was the short term effects and NOW i need the chronic effects

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    Chronic and long term mean about the same.

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    People die. Relationships ruined, financial burden. Address the social and financial implications as well as the health implications.

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    Ms. Sue I know chronic and long term mean the same thing but Sara on the other page gave me short term effects and now i need the long term effects of Cocaine

    AND Sneha wht r u tlking about?

    I need the chronic effects OR as some people say "the long-term effects" of Cocaine bacically when someone uses Cocaine over a long time what damaging effects can occur?

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