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There are five major perspectives of psychology used to explain a human behavior and mental processes. These five perspectives that I am referring to are Neuroscience, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive and Humanistic

The instruction that I have in my class is to select two of the perspectives above; I choose the behavioral and the cognitive perspective. Then the assignment instructed me to explain how culture, ethnicity, and race may influence ones behavior connected with these two perspectives that I choose which are the behavioral and the cognitive perspectives.

Can someone please explain to me pacifically how a behavioral and cognitive perspective influences one's culture, ethnicity, and race?

I am not sure if I chose the the right two perspectives. Did I choose the right two psychological perspective out of the five major perspective that explains how culture, ethnicity, and race may influence ones behavior?

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    These sites explain these two perspectives.

    You chose the right two perspectives. Think about specific behaviors. Smoking and promiscuity are accepted in some groups and shunned in others. Choosing a mate is done by individuals in some cultures, while mates are chosen by parents in other cultures. Consider the treatment of women in some cultures.

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    Thank you for making this question much clearer for me to understand.

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    You're welcome.

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