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1) on a map of scale 1cm to 250m the area of car park is 3cm^2.what is the actual area of the car park in hecares(1 hectare= 10,000m^2)
2)The area of the playing surface at wembly stadium is 3/5 of a hectare . what area willit occupy on a plan drawn to a scale of 1:500?

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    1. Ratio=1cm/250m = 1cm/25000cm = 1/25000.

    A=25,000 * 3cm^2 = 75,000cm^2 = 7.5m^2.


    2. A = (3/5)10,000m^2 = 6000m^2.

    A = 6000m^2 / 500 = 12m^2 on a drawing,

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