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1) the scale of map is 1:1000 .what is the area ,in cmsquare,on the map of a lake of area 5,000msquare?
2)the scale of a map is 1cm to 5km .a farm is represented by a rectangle measuring 1.5 cm by 4cm. what is the actual area of the farm

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    5km=5000m = 500,000cm.

    1. A = 5000 / 1000 = 5cm^2.

    2. Am = 1.5 * 4 = 6cm^2 on map.

    A = 500,000 * 5cm^2 = 2,500,000cm^2 =
    Area of farm.

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    A = 500,000 * 6cm^2 = 3,000,000cm^2

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