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Please can you help me with this question?

Choose the option which is a false statement:

A arctan(tan2/3pi))=-1/3pi

B arccos(cos(3/4pi))=3/4pi

C sin(arcsin(-1/2pi))=-1/2pi

D arcsin(1/2squareroot3)=1/3pi

E arcsin(sin(3/4pi))=1/4pi

F arccos (1/2squareroot2)=1/4pi

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    The right-hand-side of all the answers are in terms of π, typically for angles.

    The left-hand-sides all return angles (arccos, arctan...) except one.
    We also note that -1≤sin(x)≤1
    so it is impossible that sin(x)>1.

    Can you find that case?

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