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AP World History

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Hi I need some help with my history homework I have answer all of the question I just need help with a few about the Sumerian civilization. I just want to get some idea so that I can research these topics better

Social life- what did they do what were their behaviours clothes ect.

If you know of any website with this topic please post them.
thank you so much.

  • AP World History -

  • AP World History -

    Thank you so much Mrs. Sue you have helped me with this assignment so much. How many questions are we allowed to post each day on Jiskha a day? I just want to know so that I do not over post.

  • AP World History -

    You can post as many as you want. However, people who post six or more very similar questions (usually math problems) in a row may not receive answers.

    In other words, we tend to ignore what seems to be "homework dumping," but we're glad to help students who seem to be really seeking help.

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