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1.Good weather, sufficient supplies, and secrecy were the keys to the success of the Allies' cross-channel invasion of France.

true or false


    Your answer? Why?






    Ms. Sue How Do You Know These Things?
    Just Wondering


    I'm a social studies teacher. Also -- World War II was fought when I was a child -- so I grew up knowing about this war.


    Wow, Its Cool That our A Social Studies Teacher. I Was Just Wondering You Know.

    Ms Sue,
    can you check my answers for these questions. its TRUE & FALSE questions.
    i Really Appreciate that your helping me.

    After the invasion of France, general Eisenhower ordered a drive into the heart of Germany. (TRUE)

    After the American and Soviet troops met at the Elbe River, Hitler accepted the Allied demand for the unconditional surrender of Germany. (FALSE)

    Despite their losses in the war, France and Britain were as firmly in control of their colonies in 1945 as they had been before 1939. (FALSE)


    You're welcome.

    Your answers are correct!


    Ahhww Thankz Soo Much I Think Im Ready For The Quiz 2Marrow!!
    Thanks Again (-:

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