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Social studies

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Describe attitude of George Simpson and his wife towards natives peoples and Metis. how were their views racist? what impact did these views hve on simpsons? on red river settlement?

George and his wife did not like the Metis and the Natives. Frances could not stand looking at their faces. She didn't want to socialize with them. She said racist things about the Metis and just disgraced them. Simpson recorded negative views about the Metis in his booklet and said filthy things about them. They didn't like the Metis and didn't consider them part of their family.

I think i answered the first part. But I don't get this: what impact did these views have on the Simpsons--They just didn't like them, I don't know what else to say.
On the red River settlement?--Please I don't know, help.

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    The question is asking what Simpson did about these ideas. What actions did he take because he disliked the Metis?

    How did his actions influence the settlement?

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    Well he and his wife just never spoke to them, they looked at them in disgusted face expressions. They both moved away from the area. I guess peace started spreading in the red river as they left. Could you give me some information Ms. Sue.

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    I'm sorry, Emma, but I couldn't find any more specific information about Simpson except that he traveled widely and fathered many children by several wives and lovers.

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    okay i was just having trouble with the influence stuff because even in my text it doesnt say anything. but its okay.

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