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Could you please check if everything is ok? It's really urgent.

1)The old woman is wearing an elegant black business suit with a white blouse and a white-and-blue striped scarf.
2)The boy in the picture is wearing a black leather jacket with a white short-sleeved shirt under it, a pair of washed-out jeans and a pair of blue-and-white polka-dot socks. He is wearing black lace-up shoes.
3)A black boy is wearing a grey cotton bandana, a black zip-up hoodie and blue tracksuit bottoms.
4) Teenagers like wearing blue sports lace-up shoes, liners, colorful (or colored?) T-shirts and ripped (or torn?) jeans.

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    3. comma needed

    1 and 2 - OK

    4. liner socks
    ~ "colored" means the shirt is not black or white, but a color (usually just one)
    ~ "colorful" means the shirt has many colors in the design on it -- for example, a flowered Hawaiian shirt.
    ~ "ripped" usually means the jeans that are intentionally torn and sold that way; "torn" usually means they have been accidentally torn. (Don't ask me why!!)

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