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Global Issues

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Questions for the movie Human Trafficking The Complete Miniseries:

1. Forms of entrapment/enslavement used
2. a. How does your identity disappear?
b. How are you lost in or hidden from society?
3. ICE agents quote: Human Trafficking is the business of the future. Why? Also how has it been a business of the past.
4. How is control of the victims maintained?
5. How do you hide the brothels in plain sight?
6. How do you use the "law" against the "law"?
7. Is there a link between the greater accessibility to pornography and the growing Human Trafficking of women and children?
8. Describe the concept of a human being as a commodity.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

  • Global Issues -

    Well if someone has seen this film they could help me answer these questions.


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