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Cyclohexane, C6H12, a hydrocarbon, can isomerize or change into methylcyclopentane, a compound of the same formula (C5H9CH3) but with a different molecular structure.

The equilibrium constant is 0.12 at 25°C. If you had originally placed 0.036 mol of cyclohexane in a 1.0 L flask, what would be the concentrations of cyclohexane and methylcyclopentane when equilibrium is established?

For [C6H12]?

For [C5H9CH3]?

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    Is this Kc or Kp = 0.12? I will assume it is Kc.
    What is the reaction for K. I will assume it is
    cyclohexane ==> methyl cyclopentane

    K = 0.12 = (mcyp)/(cyh)

    Set up an ICE chart.
    ...........mcyh ==> mcyp

    Substitute the equilibrium values into the Kc expression and solve for x.

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