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I'm a 7 letter word u read daily,my 5th 6th and 7th letter increase each year,my 3rd n 4th letter are the same,my 3rd 2nd n 5th letter cover 75% of the world.

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    Whichever teacher wrote this obviously doesn't know too many words. Look at how many words he or she got wrong in the question.

    I'll think about it, but am curious how a teacher that can't figure out how to spell "you" or "and" would correctly spell a 7 letter word.

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    Message. I started thinking about what increases each year, and came up with "age." I assumed it was two "s"s. The rest was easy.

    Side note: what does this have to do with world issues?

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    Good detective work by MattsRiceBowl. Another word you misspelled was issuse.

    I don't believe teaching current world events by riddles is good way to teach the subject, especially when students just post the error-ridden questions for someone else to answer.

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    Don't kno the answe...pls tell me the answer

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    ​I am a word of 7 letters, u read me daily, my 5th, 6th n 7th letters increase each year, my 3rd n 4th letters are de same, my 3rd, 2nd n 5th letter covers 75% of de world. Wat am I? Pls give the ans

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    The answer should be 'message'. We read it everyday, d 3rd and 4th letters are the same and d 5th 6th and 7th letter increases everyday which is 'age'

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    The answer is definitly MESSAGE

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    The answer is MESSAGE

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