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A pen placed 13.0 cm from a concave spherical mirror produces a real image 13.5 cm from the mirror.
a) What is the focal length of the mirror? Answer in units of cm.

b) Calculate the magnification of the image.

Assume the pen is placed 28.9 cm from the mirror.
c) What is the position of the new image? (Answer with −1000 if the image does not exist.)Answer in units of cm.

d) What is magnification of the new image? (Answer with −1000 if the image does not exist.)

e) Describe the new image.
1. virtual, inverted, larger
2. real, upright, smaller
3. real, inverted, larger
4. real, upright, larger
5. None of these
6. virtual, upright, smaller
7. real, inverted, smaller
8. virtual, inverted, smaller
9. virtual, upright, larger

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