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math am i right?

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the polynomial 0.041h - 0.018a - 2.69 can be used to estimate the lung capacity, in liters, of a female with height h, in centimeters, and age a. find the lung capacity of a 60 year old women who is 190 centimeters tall
9.04 liters

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    No. A much better formulas is given at

    The expected lung capacity can be calculated from body surface area (BSA), which, in turn, can be estimated from height (in centimeters) and weight (in kilograms) (Mosteller, 1987; Halls, 2003; Muskopf, 2003). Here is the equation for BSA:

    BSA(m^2) = sqrt[height(cm)*mass(kg)/3600]

    To estimate vital capacity (in liters), multiply BSA by 2.5 for males, and by 2.0 for females.

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