Spanish-7th grade-Please check

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If I just have a picture of la sala and it's neat and tidy and has a television in it, which would be the correct response?

1.Mi familia acaba de limpiar la sala.
2.Mi familia mira la television.
3.Mi familia necesita limpiar la sala.
4.Mi familia limpia la sala.

I don't think it is 3 or 4 and I'm leaning towards number 2 but I'm not sure about the first-my family just cleaned the room.

  • Spanish-7th grade-Please check -

    hmm.. i would say 1 because the picture does not show the family actually watching t.v.

  • Spanish-7th grade-Please check -

    2. la televisión (accent mark)

    The correct response would depend upon what you see in the picture. We have access to no textbook, workbook, etc. so I don't know what you see. If I knew the name of your textbook, I might find I already have that one or perhaps I can find it on line.

    #1 looks like the safest, especially if there are no people there.


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