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Phy 131

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A child operating a radio-controlled model car on a dock accidentally steers it off the edge. The car's displacement 0.65 s after leaving the dock has a magnitude of 8.4 m. What is the car's speed at the instant it drives off the edge of the dock?

  • Phy 131 -

    0.65 s after leaving dock, vertical velocity component is
    Vy = gt = 6.37 m/s
    Vertical displacement will be
    y = (1/2)gt^2 = 2.07 m
    Horizontal displacement must be
    X = sqrt[8.4^2 - (2.07)^2] = 8.14 m
    Horizontal velocity component must be
    Vx = X/0.65s = 12.52 m/s

    That is also the speed as it leaves the edge of dock

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