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a triangular road sign has a height of 8 feet and a base of 16.5 feet. How much larger in area is this sign than one with a height of 4 feet and a base of 8.25 feet?

Please fully explain how you got this cause i'm really confused!!!

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    since the sides of the two similar road signs are in the ratio of 2 : 1
    so their areas are proportional to the square of their sides

    2^2 : 1^2 = 4 : 1

    so the second is 4 times larger.

    You could do it the long way, and actually calculate their areas. You will find the the first answer is 4 times the second answer.

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    Triangle area:

    A = bh/2
    A = (16.5 * 8)/2
    A = 132/2
    A = 66 square feet

    Find the area of the smaller triangle the same way.

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    thank you Reiny and Ms. Sue!! I wouldn't be able to make it through my math class without you!

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    You're welcome, Audrey.

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