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Can you please check these other sentences I'm not sure of? Thank you.

1) After visiting the Roman findings (better ruins/remains) in Aquileia, we had a "free lunch". (we were free for lunch, we were free to have lunch where we wanted, our teachers gave us some free time for lunch)
2) We went sightseeing in Postumia (how do you call a sightseeing tour which is not guided?).
3) The only possible verb with sightseeing tour is "go on)" or are there other verbs (e.g. take).
4) We also visited a cemetery for the victims of te first World War.
Can you say "It was very beautiful an happy trip because I stayed with my friends"??
5)Have you written anything different you would like me to check (you)?

  • English -

    2) unguided tour

    3) went on, took

    4) te = the
    "It was very beautiful, happy trip, because I stayed with my friends."

    Haven't I given you a Synonym Dictionary?


    (keep it handy)


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