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Could anybody help me with these two problems, or at least the 1st one?
Thank you very much.

„« The measure of the third angle of a triangle is 38 degrees more than the second angle. The measure of the first angle is two less than twice the second angle, Find the measure of each angle.

„« Graph 5x + 2y = 6 and determine what are the x and y intercepts.


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    okay so heres what i got for the first one.. Triangle has to equal 180 degrees

    1st angle= 2x-2
    2nd angle= x
    3rd angle= x+38

    add them all together and equal it to 180 degrees

    in the end you would get

    solve for the equation and x is 36

    now find the measure for each angle using 36

    the second angle is 36
    first angle and third angle? what do you think? :)

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    okay second onee..
    5x + 2y = 6

    need to make y alone on the left bring everything over to the right


    divide by 2

    y=-5/2x +3

    put that into calculator or graph it by hand... your y intercept is already given to you which is 3

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    Hi Jess,
    THank you. I got 36 as the angle for the 2nd, 1st 36x2-2, the third 36+8 which adds up to 180.

    THe 2nd problem I got wacked out. I only get 1/2 of my graphing problems right.

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