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An pdf file called RUssian COllectivisation was written by a George Beers.

I cant find any info on the date of publication or on the author, George Beers


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    Have you checked your schools library?

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    Primary Source
    Siegalbaum, Lewis and Sokolov, Andrei. Stalinism as a Way of Life: A Narrative in
    Documents. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000.

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    No, its an online source. Plus my school is REALLY small. And I need my evaluation of this source in on monday. I already pasted it into my journal. Its got lots of information that I need.

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    Since I could not find the publication date, only that PDF's began in 1993, I send an email to Openpdf. Because it was an essay, IF the author was William George Beers, he has been dead for over 100 years so anything he wrote would be in Public Domain.


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    So you're sayinng that the pdf would have been uploaded some time after 1993 but that the author would have written it before that?

    And that I should send an email to Openpdf to find out the exact details? How do I do that?

    So there isn't just a George Beers or something who could have written it?


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