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A cylindrical tin can holding 2 gal.has its height equal to the diameter of its base.Another cylindrical tin can with the same capacity has its height equal to twice the diameter of its base. Find the ratio of the amount of tin required for making the two cans with covers..
Help me pls..

  • geometry -

    pi*D^2*L is the same for both.
    Therefore D1^2*L1 = D2^2*L2
    and D1^3 = 2D2^3
    Therefore D2/D1 = 1.260

    For the areas,
    A1 = pi*D1^2/2 + pi*D1*L
    = (3/2)pi*D1^2 since D1 = L1

    A2 = pi*D2^2/2 + pi*D2*L2
    = (5/2)pi*D2^2 since D2 = 2L2
    A2/A1 = (5/3)*(D2/D1)^2
    = (5/3)*1.5873 = 2.646

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